Who We Are?

We are a Civil Engineering consultancy firm.



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What We Do?

We offer civil engineering offer Engineering consultancy services ,Project management consultancy, and design services for government , private and public companies projects .

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Meet Our Team

We have well qualified, experienced and trained team, who believe delivering timely services.


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Irrigation Works Design

Design & engineering services from conceptualization to completion of engineering designs.The services cover Preliminary feasibility reports, Topographical surveys, geological investigation, hydrological designs, scheme designs, estimation and Tendering process.


Material Testing

We have a ISO- 9001-2008 certified construction material testing laboratory. We undertake geological investigations for various structures.The testing laboratory is full-fledged and equipped with all necessary equipments.The laboratory is manned by qualified engineering staff.


Soil Investigation

Soil investigation is of prime importance in the construction industry. It is required before constructing any new structure to avoid failure of foundations at a later stage.Bearing capacity of the soil and nature of the soil is to be ascertained to determine whether the stability of the structure can be ensured. This is required because foundation failures in structures are practically irreparable..

Topographical Survey

These are carried out using Electronic Total Stations to capture 3D observation data on site. This data is processed in surveying software to produce Digital Terrain Model(DTM).The DTM shows distances, levels and contours to work out areas and volumes .The survey output can be provided in various forms but information in AutoCAD format is the preferred choice for design purposes.

Through our extensive expertise in the construction industry, we help client to explore the efficiency of modular construction and how it meets their facility needs by carrying out a thorough feasibility study.

Before commencing the design, a feasibility study is carried out to arrive at space requirements and objectives determined. Thereafter , we hold a in house consultation to work out a most suitable design, meeting the customer's needs.